Why Diversity and Knowledge of Other Cultures Matter to Citizens

During the contemporary period, it can be seen that diverse men and women are in the same workplace and they aim to achieve the same goals. To that effect, it can be observed that diversity and knowledge of other people’s cultures matter to every responsible citizen in the country.a7ffd436974a7f7da655369498ae8e68

To a larger exchange, it can be noted that the behavior of people belonging to a certain group is influenced by their culture. Therefore, diversity in the workplace is essential since it helps to promote cultural exchange where people from other backgrounds learn about other people’s culture. It is also important for the managers to understand other people’s culture so that they can be in a position to design policies that are compatible with other individual’s cultural values.

The other issue is that diversity in the workplace helps to promote exchange of knowledge and skills among people from different backgrounds. Some people have more knowledge and skills in certain areas and they can impart these to other employees in the organization only if diversity is prioritized. This also helps people to learn from each other since they have different perceptions about various issues. A free environment in the workplace is good for the organization as well as the employees since production is enhanced if all the employees are motivated and treat each other with respect.

People also get the opportunity to appreciate other individuals’ perspectives, especially when they interact freely in a diverse environment. This helps to reduce unnecessary conflicts in the organization as people tend to treat be more mindful of each other’s space. Diversity of people is also reflected in their dressing or fashion which is influenced by factors like region as well as political views. People from different regions are also beginning to appreciate other people’s fashion which significantly helps in creating mutual understanding among them.