Understanding Fashion in our Diverse World

understanding-fashionWhen you hear the word fashion, you more than likely imagine runway models and designer clothing. However, today fashion must take on the diversity in our world, our cultures, and even our religion and political views in order to create clothing and accessories that will be welcomed by the multitudes.

Fashion is influenced by many different factors which include the region of the world in which you live, your religion, your political views, what television stars are wearing, and of course your own preferences as to what you believe looks best on you.

Fashion does go beyond the clothing we wear and includes such other things as jewelry, tattoos, and even hair styles. When making a decision on the statement you wish to make or wanting to show the world your own personality, all of these things come into play.

Of course, there are fashion trends especially in London, Paris, and New York City where designers come together and show off their new designs; however, in the majority of cases, the star-studded night and the designs shown on the stage are not always what the average person will wear on a daily basis. Most of the clothing is out of the range of normal.

In today’s world where men and women alike are in the workforce, clothing must be created that will be comfortable and stylish at the same time. The provocative clothing with low cut necklines is certainly not the imagine that most women desire to wear to work. Therefore, the fashion industry is changing even though you may not notice in the runways around the world, but in the stores online and offline you are sure to notice that modest clothing is growing in popularity.

Fashion is truly only a statement that each person makes according to the outward appearance they wish to convey from business minded to sexy to casual.