The World of Design

the-world-of-designDesign has always been a huge part of the world for mankind. Even back in ancient times, you could see the work of design in the attire worn by Cleopatra, the construction of the Roman baths, and in masterpieces of art such as Michelangelo’s St. Peter’s Basilica.

So exactly what is design? Design begins with a thought or a plan to create an object. This can be a work of art, clothing, jewelry, buildings, furniture, websites, or anything else under the sun. Every item we use started as a thought in a creator’s mind and then went from there to create a blueprint or model in order to have a completed project.

There are many different designers in the world that are specialized in the creation of various objects. The list of different fields of design is quite extensive but enables the world to enjoy the works of individuals that have chosen the design field. The fields of design include automotive design, architecture, applied arts, communication design, engineering design, fashion design, graphic design, game design, Landscape architecture, industrial design, interior design, product design, software design, lighting design, web design, visual design, and sound design, among many others.

When a designer is in the process of his/her creation the main things they will take into consideration are sociopolitical dimensions, economic factors, functionality, and aesthetics. Most of the creative part of any object will take thought, research, creating blueprints or models, adjusting the blueprint or model, and many times re-design.

Every object before it is put into the completed creation process, the designer spends hours ensuring that the product, structure, or item will be exactly as the thought in the beginning. This can take years according to the object that is being designed such as a skyscraper where creating a spoon design may only take a few hours.