The Lure of Music

the-lure-of-musicHave you ever heard a song on the radio that took you back to your teen years or to a wonderful memory? Music is more than just sounds created for dance but in many ways conveys a thought or expression of the times. Throughout history as far back as 1500 BC, there has been music and even before the written word. A tablet was discovered in 1500 BC in the area where Iraq is today that showed a piece of written music, prior to this time, cave paintings displayed music instruments created from various materials with individuals dancing.

So what is the lure to music? Music can be concluded to be a way that society can convey a specific culture, whether with words or with various musical instruments. Some of the music and dance are used in religious ceremonies while others are created for entertainment but also influence people across the world.

If you do not believe that music can influence the world, just look at the Beatles. Their music has withstood many years with not only individuals that followed the group to watch them on tour but even today many people are still listening to their music even if the music was created before they were born.

Music is timeless as long as it can be preserved for the generations to come. No matter if you love classical music such as Bach or rock and roll like Creedence Clearwater Revival or country music like Hank Williams, there is a sound for every person on this earth to enjoy. The lure of music often comes from the music you listened to throughout your life and shared with your family as well as the music you are introduced to through your friends and family.

Sit back and listen to your favorite music and you decide what lures you to the songs you love.