The Influence of the Arts

the-influence-of-the-artsThe arts encompass ten different art categories which include sculptures, architecture, painting, dance, music, theater, literature, poetry, comics, and photography.

All of the arts are an expression that is often influenced by the artist’s personal opinion as well as many times their own culture. The creativity of each of these can influence one person or an entire society. Throughout history, we can see many different art forms that may not even be classified as artwork, however, they have influenced the creation of many different things in our lives and have aided in growing our society while learning more about history.

You can trace civilization through the arts via foods, cave paintings, paintings, and of course factual history along with philosophies and even fiction that has molded our societies across the globe. All of these actually tell a story about the world in which the artist lived at the time. From cave paintings to movies that may be created for our entertainment but also have aspects of our diverse societies along with mankind’s relationship with their environment.

You can go back through history and notice that many different changes that have occurred in the world have been depicted in music and artwork. Consider the hippie generation in the United States with the music that rallied many together to protest the Vietnam War which sparked many Americans to leave the US so they would not be drafted into a war they did not believe was important for the citizens of the US. This era brought about movies as well showing us not only the protests in the streets of the United States but movies that showed the soldiers in the field. One such movie is Good Morning, Vietnam with Robin Williams as the star.

The arts whether it helps you understand the fear of a young girl such as Anne Frank during the Holocaust or a song that reminds of a time when you of days gone by is a very influential part of our society today.