The Importance of Literature

the-importance-of-literatureLiterature has changed from the cave drawings to the written word which today can be found via books and other written forms that you can hold in your hand to e-books and websites online that you can access at any time of the day or night.

In order to provide the world with literature, there are many different genres that are meant to entertain or to provide knowledge on a specific topic or to provide individuals with the history of the world or even just one region or town in the world.

Literature includes comedy, fiction, horror, drama, realistic fiction, non-fiction, satire, romance novels, tragicomedy, and tragedy. No matter if you wish to just be entertained so you can relax and forget the world for a short time to wanting to learn about World War I, you can find literature that will provide you with exactly what you are seeking.

For those that enjoy hearing the thoughts of one person’s life and their travels or environment may enjoy reading poetry or philosophy literature. These can truly provide the reader with a new look at the world or one’s own life. Rod McKuen is a poet and songwriter that has provided the world with his literature that provides readers with a new way to look at many different aspects of his private life and world. Some of this poems are so personal that you can actually get a glimpse into his own personal mind and thoughts, so you can feel the moment as he did. This can give you pleasure or allow you to compare your thoughts with another and see if they are similar or completely different.

Literature is wonderful in so many ways and the written word whether on paper or created digitally will always be a huge part of our society.