One Photo Can Inspire the World

one-photo-can-inspire-the-worldPhotography and video have changed our world in more ways than many people can comprehend and with the invention of the internet, more and more people can actually view photos and videos from around the world.

Photos can provide the world with a glimpse into the life of those that live in different countries as well as provide an insight into their culture. With this, photos can also give people a reason to back a specific idea such as the photo of the little boy in Aleppo or one of an abused cat. The images whether they are a still capture or a video can ignite the passion in those that see the image or images to stand up and be heard against the inhumanity in our world today.

On the other side of the coin, photos can also convey beauty such as photos or videos of mountains, streams, deserts, and forests with all the flora, fauna, and animals that call the area home.

Triumph shots such as the United States first black president gave hope to many underprivileged individuals that they could achieve great success and become a strong leader in the US or at least gain their own personal goals no matter what their background or culture.

Families take photos and videos of their families and their children growing. These photos may not inspire the world, but help to provide a historical significance to not only these families but when found years later can show the era in which they lived too many. Consider the images and photos found in the past of those that have lived before us such as during various times in history throughout the world.

Graphic images may not be something we wish to see; however, these images often help inspire others to stand up for what they believe and other photos of the damage humans have done to our world can inspire generations to change the way we use our resources so future generations will be able to enjoy the beauty found on our earth.